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SMS stands for Short Message Service, more commonly known as "text message". That's right, the same text messages sent to and from ordinary cell phones. While the vast majority of this technology is used for personal communication, the commercial market for SMS has been rapidly evolving in the past few years.

There are literally hundreds of commercial uses for SMS. We certainly cannot be exhaustive in listing the uses, but to give you an idea and to help jump start your vision, we have listed some common (and not so common) commercial SMS uses below.

  • Mobile Marketing
  • Customer Notification
  • User Authentication
  • Voting
  • Polling

  • Media Delivery (MMS)
  • Interactive Games
  • Content Delivery
  • Order Confirmation
  • Product/Shipment Tracking
  • Many More!

If you need help evaluating a business problem and are wondering if SMS could be a valid solution, please give us a call. We would love to help brainstorm, and casual consulting is something we are happy to do at no charge.

Many times SMS is used in conjunction with other technologies. For example, your business may already delivery content, notifications, etc... via email. While there are advantages that SMS provides over email in some instances, SMS also works very well as an option along with other communication mediums such as email. Giving users another option adds tremendous value and builds brand loyalty.

SMS does has one primary advantage over email: delivery date & time. While applications very well may be able to structure and plan email devivery dates & times, the actual time of receipt or the time the message is read cannot be readilty relied upon. SMS offers an application immediate delivery and predictable read time. Additionally, user interaction can be made readily available wherever and whenever a user needs it. Whether standing alone or used in conjunction with other technologies, SMS has been proven to be a useful business communication meadium.