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03.03.2011 - Check out the coming upgrades and enhancements in The Coupon Tree v3.0
If you’ve been lucky enough to see the various versions of The Coupon Tree the newest version will blow your socks off! More than any of the other releases, version 3.0 will completely redesign the user interface and create a completely new and improved environment for users to manage their account settings.

Added functionality includes:

  • Dashboard applets
    • Andexus Streaming News
    • Real-time reporting
    • Notification settings
  • Improved charting
  • Customizable reports
  • An overall streamlined aesthetic look and feel

The best part…we’re not done either! We’ve already begun working on our next release and are already in development. Version 4.0 will add many features and upgrades to system functionality, rather than simply focusing on look and feel.

02.18.2011 - New products from on the horizon
If you’re already using our flagship product, The Coupon Tree, you already know what to expect from products. For those of you who aren’t familiar with our product methodology, we put user experience and functionality as the number 1 priority in development. We search for underserved consumer or business needs and develop products to fill that void. Below are a few of our upcoming projects and expected release dates. Please note, some product descriptions are limited for competitive purposes.

  • NextPlease! – Q3 2011
    NextPlease! is a text-message based reservation notification system for restaurants or other businesses that require patrons to wait for service. The hostess simply asks for the customers’ cell number and inputs it in the online reservation console. The hostess, or other workers, can view all waiting patrons and automatically notify them via text-message when their table or service call is ready. Product will launch on
  • OurGroup – Q4 2011
    OurGroup is a collaborative messaging system, primarily aimed at collegiate or workgroup settings. OurGroup allows users to setup a group phone number for collaboration. Users are added to the group simply by texting in to the number. Anytime a message is sent to the group number a broadcast message is sent to everyone in the group, allowing small group collaboration via text-message.
  • Vernelle – TBD
    Vernelle is a permission-only, online email marketing system. It will be complete with email marketing templates, scheduling capabilities, and web widgets for their sites that make subscribing to your list easy! Check back soon for specific release dates.

01.27.2011 - Andexus launches The Coupon Tree v2.1!
The newest version of The Coupon Tree’s online account management console has been released. The improvements have made the interface more user-friendly and provide additional tracking support by utilizing visual graphs rather than tabular data on the home dashboard. Users can now instantly view the total number of coupons that have been delivered, separated by each individual coupon for daily results, total account life delivery of all coupons, and the monthly totals of all delivered coupons over the past 12 consecutive months.

While the changes are rather modest, the enhancement to the user experience is incredible. The Coupon Tree is one step closer to its ideal of easy and functional use. These changes are one small step towards that end, but there are many improvements and product features that will be added in the near future. This update’s rollout was expedited primarily due to user demand and support ticket requests. The core of the support issues raised over the past few quarters have been addressed with this update, so we chose to rollout the small changes now rather than wait until v3.0 is out of beta testing. Be sure and check our next release regarding the upcoming changes in v3.0.