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Andexus Products in Development
Our philosophy for all our products is simple: create dynamic, useful applications for common business functions and sell those applications on a subscription and/or pay-as-you-go basis. This model primarily helps small and medium businesses acquire useful technologies without the burden of large IT infrastructures and development costs.

Below is a list of the products currently in development, a brief description of its function, and an expected release date. If you are interested in any upcoming release, please sign up for early access. We will release products in beta stages to those who have signed up for early access.


NextPlease™ is a web-based customer paging system that uses SMS, Email, and/or voice to page customers. The application is designed and aimed at the restaurant industry as a replacement for expensive paging systems. However, the application can work for any industry or business that needs to alert customers when service is ready.

The Broadcast Buddy™ v3.0

In version 3.0 The Broadcast Buddy™ will add email and voice functionality, truly making The Broadcast Buddy™ a full-service broadcast marketing tool. Users will be able to record voice messages that will auto-dial and play the recording or type a message and have the system "speak" the message. Email will also be added. All 3 communication mediums will be available from 1 simple account console.


OurGroup™ is a small group/workgroup collaboration tool. Users can create a "group" number, which allows anyone who texts the word "join" to the group number to send and receive group messages via text message. Anyone joined to the group will receive any messages sent to the group number, allowing groups to easily collaborate via text message.


Vernelle™ is a full-service email marketing application. While The Broadcast Buddy™ v3.0 will include email functionality, Vernelle™ will be much more robust and have complete email marketing templates and other useful email marketing tools.