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The Coupon Tree™ Overview
How The Coupon Tree™ Works
What is The Coupon Tree™?

The Coupon Tree™ is the newest, viral, consumer coupon network to hit the internet! It allows businesses to post coupons of real value on the tree. Consumers can then text the keyword of whatever product or service they are looking for in to the tree and it will automatically send any existing coupons that match their search directly to their cell phone! It's incredibly valuable to the businesses because their coupons are being delivered directly to consumers that are hungry for their products and services. And we call it The Coupon Tree™ because the consumer can gain instant savings for whatever they are looking for, regardless of what time it is or where they are. Since all the coupons are delivered via standard text message directly to the consumer's phone there is no need to search obscure websites or print coupons from the computer prior to shopping.

Does The Coupon Tree™ cost money?

That is the best part, it is completely free for the consumers, and the businesses only pay when their coupon is actually delivered to the consumer who has requested it! Think of it as pay-per-click advertising without the limits of the internet. Now businesses can drive new customers to their doors and only pay on a per-served basis. That's not all either; unlike pay-per-click each of these coupons is being served to a ready-to-purchase consumer that is geographically near the place of interest. The conversion rate of each coupon is more than 10 times that of pay-per-click.

How much does it cost the businesses?

Businesses pay only $0.20 per impression/coupon. There are no setup fees, no monthly fees, and no hidden fees. Businesses simply add funds to their account as they wish. Once the account balance reaches $0.00 the system will stop serving the coupons automatically, so there are never unexpected costs!

Who will receive coupons?

Consumers text into the system the keyword of the product or service they are looking for and the system will automatically respond with any coupons that match their request. Also, when a consumer texts in, there is geographic metadata attached, such as their physical location. That way, The Coupon Tree™ will only respond with geographically relevant coupons.