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Short & Long Codes's messaging gateway can operate with both short or long codes. There are very distinct differences between short & long codes. It is important for application providers or end users to understand the differences when choosing what type of number to operate an application over. Below is a short explanation of each option. If you have any question when deciding which type of number to operate your application or campaign over, please feel free to give us a call at the main office number listed at the top of this page.

Short Codes

Short codes are simply short phone numbers that can receive and send SMS (text message) data. Short codes are leased by the CSCA. An application for a short code takes 8-12 weeks, requires carrier approval, and costs $500/month for a random short code or $1,000/month for a vanity short code.

Shared Short Codes

Because of the cost and regulatory requirements of obtaining and operating a short code, many application providers and end users instead opt to utilize a shared short code. This simply means that you "share" access to the code, eliminating the cost and compliance issues inherent with short codes. When users operate on shared short codes keywords must be used to direct data to the specific user in the "sharing group".

Long Codes

Long codes are simply regular, 10-digit telephone numbers that can send and receive SMS (text message) data. Andexus can provision long codes to application providers and end users in real-time, enabling SMS data streams instantly.