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The Broadcast Buddy™ Overview
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What is The Broadcast Buddy™?

The Broadcast Buddy™ is a web-based application that allows users to send mass SMS messages (text messages) to groups of people. The Broadcast Buddy™ also allows users to create keywords, allowing for the easy collection of cell phone numbers.

What is a keyword and how are they used?

Keywords are created in the account console by the user. After a keyword has been created, anyone who texts that keyword to the service number will automatically be added to the contact list of the user who created the keyword. Additionally, the keyword will send an auto-response message back to the person who sent a text message to the keyword. For example, if the keyword "Burger" has been created, any person who texts the word "Burger" to the service number will be sent the auto-response message and be added to the contact list of the user who created the keyword.

What is a service number?

Each user's account is setup on a specific service number. The service number is simply the telephone number that the system will send and receive message on. The service number can be either a normal 10 digit telephone number, or a "short code".

What is a short code?

A short code work much like a regular 10 digit telephone number, except short codes are either 4 or 5 digits long and they can only receive SMS traffic. A short code is NOT required to send and/or receive commercial SMS messages. The only advantage is that they are shorter and therefor easier to remember.

How much does it cost?

Users can create their account for free. However, in order to send messages or create keywords users need to purchase message credits and/or keyword credits. Message credits can be purchased for as little as 2.5 cents. Keywords are an optional service which can be purchased for as little as $7.49/month.